Utility vehicles

Reno / innovation of utility vehicles (courier vans, local delivery cars, garbage trucks, technical service cars: sweeper, dumper, excavator, etc.)

With the development of lighter, smaller and more durable batteries, it is easier to replace the more poluting (ICE) power unit with for more environmentally friendly electric one. 

With AxonVolts, the client will gain

Asset 53

More efficient operation compared to internal combustion engines

Asset 58

Battery charging from the comfort of your home, while shopping or working directly from the 230V mains or using 32A / 400V fast charging stations (from 40% to 80% in 30-50 minutes)

Asset 54

Half of service costs compared to routine maintenance of ICE cars

Asset 55

Grants and subsidies options

Asset 57

Electric motor and battery size customization

Asset 56

Ecological, almost emission-free operation