About us

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are aware of the value of goods already produced, but keen on modernization at the same time. We believe in correct application, recycling and smart modernization with sustainable approach context.

We would like to support the circular economy and not solve everything through the new production only. We like to “give” a second (or third) chance, we like to give new meaning, fresh restart or make improvements to the goods used already.

We are advocads and supporters of advanced, developed, new and better technologies, taken into consideration to the environmental consequences in a broader context.

We are here to help find solutions to environmental problems and not just ease their consequences.

These values however, make sense in connection with a healthy “bussines” approach. The solutions we offer must have value for the customer in particular, because customer is only authority to give the value. The value of a service or goods provided is created by the person who buys it.

From development to the sales, we work hard to offer relevant value, not solutions under the “greenwashing” highlight incapable of surviving and sustain on the market.

We work profitably with the ability to re-invest in a sustainable way, both for healthy nature and for us all.

Our goal is to be able to offer clear, simple services and products that are attractive for the market.

Team AxonVolts.